10 Best ski resorts in Norway

Most of Norway’s mainland is dominated by the Scandinavian mountains. While not very tall, the latitude of Norway makes their slopes covered with snow every year. This provides ideal conditions for skiing.

While they can not compete with the resorts in the alps, Trysil stands out as the best ski resort in Norway. There are several resorts in Norway that offer great skiing, but none can compete with Trysil in terms of scale and offering.

Trysil is located in the southwest, and depending on where you live/visit in Norway, other resorts might be the best or closest. Continue reading to see the best resorts as well as ones closest to Norway’s major cities, including Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Ålesund, and Tromsø.


Taking the top spot is Trysil, Norway’s largest ski resort. Built on the Trysil mountain, the resort has grown to a total of 31 lifts and a total of 68 slopes.

The family-friendly resort offers a variety of places to stay, ranging from a world-class resort hotel to apartments and cabins. There are slopes and ski lessons for all skill levels, and for families, there is a separate children’s area.

If you don’t have your own skiing equipment, fear not, you can rent a complete equipment set according to your skill level as well as snowboards and cross-country skis.

The resort is located in south-central Norway, about 210 kilometers northeast of Oslo, close to the border with neighboring Sweden. Traveling from Oslo, this is about a 2 hour and 40 minutes drive with normal traffic conditions. The resort is located only 40 km west of the Scandinavian mountains airport in nearby Sälen, Sweden. 

Trysil was also the top-ranked Norwegian ski resort by visit Norway, snow magazine, and skiresort.info. Learn more about the resort and how to get there on the official website.


Hemsedal is known as the Scandinavian alps and offers skiing from three peaks, all having an elevation of more than 1000 meters. The high elevation provides Hemsedal with excellent snow conditions and a long season for its total of 21 lifts and 53 slopes.

The resort has a wide selection of cabins, houses, and apartments to choose from, and most are located in the vicinity of the ski slopes and lifts. You can also book a room at one of the two large ski lodges.

The slopes vary in difficulty ranging from children’s slopes to expert level. If you need equipment you can get it from the ski rental right by the slopes and have skis and snowboards for everyone. Also, you can book skiing lessons for both children and adults, either in groups or privately.

Hemsedal is located 200 km west of Oslo and about 270 km east of Bergen. It is easiest to reach by car. From Oslo, it is a 3-hour drive along Highways E16, 7, and 52. From Bergen, the fastest route is a 4-hour drive along highways E16 and 52.

Hemsedal was included in snow magazine’s ranking of the best ski resorts in Scandinavia. To read more about the resort and how to get there, head over to the official website.


Hafjell Alpine Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in Norway, offering both family-friendly skiing as well as something for those seeking a little more action.

The resort offers a total of 19 lifts and 64 slopes which are classified from beginner to advanced level difficulty, ensuring that it offers something for everyone from the youngest beginner to the expert skiers.

Hafjell offers accommodation fitting for families, businesses, and groups. You can choose between cabins that range in both size and quality. If you are in need of equipment, you can rent everything you need from the resort’s ski rental. Also, you can book private or group lessons. 

The resort is located about 200 km north of Oslo, just 15 minutes north of the legendary winter Olympic city of Lillehammer. It is easily accessed by car which takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to travel along highway E6.

Hafjell was able to capture a spot on snow magazine’s ranking of the best ski resorts in Scandinavia. To read more about the resort and its offerings, and how to get there, visit their official website.

Honorable mentions


Kvitfjell is located just north of Lillehammer and Hafjell ski resort. It offers suitable for the smallest children to expert-level trails with Olympic standards. In fact, Kvirfjell was the site for the super G and downhill disciplines in the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics. The resort still hosts the alpine skiing world cup every March with both a super G and downhill race.

You can check in at the nearby hotel Gudbrandsgard or book a cabin for your stay. Equipment is available from the resort’s ski rental and you can book private or group lessons suitable for both adults and children. Read more about their resort on their official website.


Myrkdalen ski resort is the largest ski resort in western Norway and is located in Voss, which is about 2 hours drive over 130 km inland from Bergen. 

The resort offers accommodation in self-catered cabins and apartments or at the modern Myrkdalen Hotel. The family-friendly ski areas have slopes with all levels of difficulty as well as ski cross slopes and great off-piste terrain for those wanting to hit the powdered snow. Read more about the resort and its facilities on its official website.


The Hovden Alpine Centre is a modern ski resort located in Hovden in south-central Norway. It is located 260 km east of Bergen and 280 km west of Oslo.

The family-friendly resort is well adapted to every age and skill level and has a separate children’s area which has become an eldorado for snow-loving youngsters. Visitors can choose between numerous pistes of varying difficulty.

Visitors can choose between mountain resort hotels and cabins for their accommodation. Other facilities include ski rental and ski shop, café, après-ski, and bistro. Read more on the resort’s official website.


Skeikampen ski resort is located 220 km, about a 3 hours drive north of Oslo, not to far from both previously mentioned Hafjell and Kvitfjell.

The resort offers 600 kilometers of cross-country trails and 21 slopes. Accommodation is offered by Thon hotel Skeikampen located at the foot of the mountain and slopes and at the ski rental you can hire everything you need to hit the slopes. Read more on their official website

Gausta Skisenter

Located in the heart of Telemark, the Gausta ski resort offers state-of-the-art facilities With 35 slopes, three children’s areas, two snow parks, and challenging off-piste opportunities. You can choose between staying in a comfortable room at the classic high-rise hotel Gaustablikk, modern apartments, or cozy cottages at the foot of Gaustatoppen. 

You can rent all the equipment you need as well as hire local guides or ski instructors before enjoying a meal in one of the several restaurants and eateries. To read more about the facilities and what they offer, check out their official website.


Located just 100 km or1,5 hours away from Bergen by car, Voss resort offers some of the best skiing in western Norway.

Choose between ski-in-ski-out cabins or apartments and enjoy the 11 ski lifts and 24 slopes, which include an international giant slalom and one SuperG slope. Ski school and ski rental are readily available, and after a long day on the slopes, you can enjoy the food at 4 different cafes &/restaurants in the resort. To read more head over to their official website


Oppdal ski center is located 120 km or a 1 hour and 50-minute drive south of Trondheim. The resort prides itself on its network of slopes that follow the natural terrain, stretching across 4 mountains. The slopes are interconnected, enabling skiers to combine high-altitude skiing with lowland cruising further down the mountain.  

The center does not have an associated lodge, but accommodation is readily available in one of the Hotels in nearby Oppdal. It does offer ski rental as well as the ability to book a lesson with an instructor. For more information head over to the official website.

Closest resorts to Oslo

For the best skiing experience, you are better off taking a weekend trip to the larger resorts featured earlier. However, if you want to go for a day trip you have a couple of decent options in the Oslo area.


Located right outside the city, Oslo Vinterpark on Tryvann is located just past the iconic Holmenkollen Ski arena. The resort can be reached by car, and the subway can take you within walking distance of the city center.

The resort offers 8 lifts and 16 slopes with varying difficulties. While not a complete resort in its own right, it offers everything you need to hit the slopes, including ski rental and ski lessons for both adults and children. Read more about Oslo winter park on their official website.


Located about 85 km southwest of Oslo, this old mining town offers a great set of slopes just a 1 hour and 10-minute car ride from Oslo. 

You can choose between 5 lifts and 7 slopes ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. Onsite ski rental and ski lessons and cafeterias offer everything you need for an alpine skiing day trip. Check out the pricing and opening hours on their official website.

Closest resorts to Bergen

The closest ski resorts to Bergen include Myrkdalen and Voss ski resorts both feature further up the article. Both are located close to Voss and are about a 1 hour and 40 minute and 2-hour drive west from Bergen respectively.

Closest resorts to Tromsø

If you want to hit the slopes while visiting Tromsø the best option is to visit the nearby Tromsø Alpine park, located just a 10-minute drive outside the city. The slopes offer a great view over the entire city and the resort has everything you need for a skiing day trip, including ski rental, ski lessons, and cafeterias and restaurants. Read more on their official website.

Closest resorts to Stavanger

Sirdal ski resort is the closest resort to Stavanger. Located about 100 kilometers inland, it can be reached by a 1-and-a-half-hour drive east.

The resort offers 22 slopes and 9 different lifts. It also offers an on-site ski school and ski rental for beginners. The resort also offers overnight stays in its ski hotel. Read more on their official website.

Closest resorts to Ålesund

Ålesund has several decent ski resorts located relatively close to the city, some offering a stunning view over the fjords and mountains from the slopes 


Located just 50 kilometers southwest of the city. Sunnmørsalpene ski arena is only a 1 hour and 20-minute car ride away. 

The resort is located in a scenic area and has a complete family offering of 5 lifts and a total of 14 trails with different difficulty levels, an On-site restaurant and cafeteria, and ski rental. Overnight accommodation can be booked in nearby cabins and apartments. Read more on their official website.


Strandafjellet ski resort is located just a 10-minute drive from Sunnmørsalpene and offers alpine skiing with a stunning view of the fjord below. 

The resort offers a total of 7 lifts and 18 slopes. Overnight accommodation can be booked in nearby cabins, or at Stranda hotel, located in the village of Stranda just by the fjord below. With On-site, ski rental, ski school, and restaurants Strandafjellet has a complete resort offering. Read more on their official website.

Closest resorts to Trondheim

The best ski resort closest to Trondheim is the Oppdal ski center featured earlier in this article. Another close option is Meråker alpine center.

Meråker alpine center

Located about 80 km west, which is about a 12-hour and 20-minute car ride away. This local alpine ski center offers 13 slopes with varying difficulty levels. On-site ski rental, ski school, and cafeteria provide everything you need for a skiing day trip. Read more on their website.

Closing remarks

No matter where you go in Norway, you are not more than a couple of hours’ drive away from a ski resort/center. If you feel like hitting the slopes during winter, seek out the nearest ski resort.

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