Hello, I’m Erik, and thank you for visiting Planet Norway.

I am a proud Norwegian, Born in Trondheim and raised in Tønsberg. After studying abroad, I found myself heading back to Norway with a degree and a fiance. While transitioning back into Norwegian life was easy for me, it was more challenging for my fiance, who it turns out knew very little about Norway.

My idea for planet Norway came through having to help my fiance get settled in Norway. This included everything from learning basic geography, social life, immigration, getting a job, and learning the language. While it has been a fun journey so far, it has also been exhausting having to deal with aspects of living in Norway that I never had to tackle as a native.

With Planet Norway I hope to provide the internet with all the basic information you could wish for about Norway, as well as provide helpful and insightful content for foreigners wanting to visit or settle.

If you’d like to make a suggestion or write an article, please do get in touch.