The 13 best beaches in Norway

When you think of sandy beaches, Norway is not the country that springs to mind. That being said, Norway is actually home to plenty of beautiful beaches along its Atlantic coast that are well worth a visit. 

Before you run off to pack your sunscreen and willing gear, you might want to consider the water temperature. Despite the gulf stream providing temperate water along the coast, temperatures in the north sea and Norwegian sea rarely climb above 15 degrees, even during summer.

Despite this, some are located in beautiful landscapes that offer spectacular photos, while others offer great opportunities for surfers. Here is a list of the top 13 Beaches in Norway.


Solastranden is a sandy beach located just south of Stavanger. The just over 2-kilometer-long beach faces the north sea and is a popular family destination for sunbathing and swimming during the summer.

It also attracts many surfers, windsurfers, and kiters due to the windy conditions, especially during autumn. The best conditions for surfers though are found in Jæren, even more south, which actually hosted the Eurosurf in 2017, the European championship of surfing.

Hoddevik beach

The second best place to surf in Norway is Stadlandet, a peninsula that extends out towards the sea on Norway’s west coast in Sogn & Fjordane. It is considered to be the dividing point between the north sea and the Norwegian sea.

This peninsula is home to Hoddevik, a small village located on a valley floor that gently slopes out towards an inlet and the sea where you can find a bright sandy beach. This beach has good surf as it is exposed to west swells, but remains very wind-sheltered due to the surrounding high mountains.

In addition to providing good surfing conditions, the meeting of the beach, sea, and mountain makes for spectacular scenery.

Bunes beach

Further north, the beautiful Lofoten peninsula is home to some of Norway’s most scenic beaches. One of them is Bunes beach, located on the island of Moskenesøy towards the tip of the peninsula.

The White/tan, sand beach located at the end of an inlet, surrounded by imposing mountains creates stunning scenery. The fact that it is very isolated, and can only be reached by a local ferry only adds to the atmosphere and has made it a popular destination for adventurous campers.

Haukland Beach

Haukland beach is also located on the Lofoten peninsula, but is located further towards the mainland on Vestvågøy, and is a lot more accessible. Located at the end of a wide, relatively shallow inlet, the white sand extends into the sea which gives the water a deep turquoise color. 

The beach is accessible by car and is a popular destination for tourists to capture truly stunning pedicures during summer. Some are even brave enough to go for a swim.

Kvalvika Beach

Another gem on the Lofoten peninsula is Kvalvika Beach, located at the end of an inlet on the northwestern part of moskenesøy. Like most of the beaches on Lofoten, Kvalvika beach lies between the rough Norwegian sea and surrounding mountains that rise more than 600 meters.

Like Bunes beach, it is quite isolated, however, there are several hiking trails that lead to the beach from nearby towns and loads. The beach has become a popular camping destination for tourists wanting a unique camping experience in stunning, photogenic scenery. 

Uttakleiv Beach

Uttakleiv beach is located just north of Haukland beach. This sandy beach is located at the end of a larger grassy field that gently slopes into the sea. The beach faces northwest and is easily accessible by car from nearby town Leknes.

This has made this beach a popular destination in both summer and winter where eager visitors come to see either the midnight sun or northern lights. In summer, it is also a popular destination for campers.


Ramberg beach is perhaps one of the most scenic beaches in Lofoten. Unlike many of the other beaches on the Lofoten peninsula, Ramberg beach is not surrounded by tall mountains, resulting in wide, open views towards the mountains to the west, and into the horizon above the sea to the northwest. 

Located along the coastline in the town of Ramberg, the beach is easily accessible by car, and you can even camp right next to the beach with an RV. 

Ersfjord Beach

Located north of the Lofoten peninsula is Senja, Norway’s second-largest island which is home to Ersfjord and its adjacent beach. Surrounded by rugged mountains, the white sandy beach stands out from the surrounding terrain, being constantly pounded by waves from the rough Norwegian sea.

When the sea is calm, the beach offers a beautiful, scenic camping destination for both locals and tourists, that is easily accessed by car.

Stokkøya Beach (Hosnasand)

Further south, on the west coast of Trøndelag, northwest of Trondheim, you can find Stokkøya which is host to one of Norway’s finest beaches. It is a popular destination in summer where you can go for a swim, windsurf, or go kayaking.

It is easily accessible by car, and the beach is accompanied by Stokkøya Sjøsenter and a beach bar which has excellent food, comfortable accommodation, and different activities to offer.


Moving even further south along the west coast we find Vågsøy, just south of Stadlandet in Sogn & Fjordane, which is host to the beautiful sandy beach known as Refviksanden.

Located just adjacent to the tiny village of Refvik, the 1 km long, white sandy beach stands out as a pearl among the surrounding green, bare mountains. Just as with Stadlandet, the beach receives quite a lot of wind from the often rough sea to the west, which is ideal for windsurfers.

The beach is easily accessed by car and on calm, sunny, summer days, the beach is crowded with eager sunbathers and swimmers.

11. Brennviksanden

Located near Leines, in between Bodø and Lofoten is Brennviksanden, a 2 km long, sandy beach located at the feet of the surrounding mountains as they gently slope into the sea.

While not remote, Brennviksanden is not as popular as many of the other beaches on this list, the biggest reason being that the inlet in which it is located, and most of the beach are part of a small nature reserve.

This limits leisure activities and camping, however, it makes nature and the beach no less spectacular and it is well worth a visit.


This beach is located just south of Solastranda. The surroundings are flat and exposed to the winds from the sea to the west. This makes this beach ideal for surfing, kiting, and windsurfing. In fact, this beach hosted the European surfing championship in 2017.

On quiet, sunny days, the 3 km long sandy beach makes for a great getaway for sunbathing and swimming for locals and city dwellers from the nearby oil capital of Norway, Stavanger.


Last but not least is Sjøsanden, the only beach on this list not located along the west coast. Sjøsanden is located just outside the city of Mandal on the southern tip of mainland Norway at the entrance of the Skagerrak strait between Norway and Denmark.

The beach is a popular destination for both locals and tourists during the summer months. The nearby Sjøsanden Camping offers Cabins, apartments, and pitches for caravans, mobile homes, and tents for beach-hungry visitors. 

Closing remarks

There you have it, my list of the 13 best beaches in Norway. While there are plenty of beaches along the southeastern coast that has warmer water, they simply cannot match the beauty of those found along the western coast.

Have you been to any of these beautiful beaches? please share your experience in the comment section below. Also, if you feel that I have left out a beach that deserves a spot on this list, let me know in the comments.

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